Mergers & Acquisitions

At Stone & Baxter, we help turn our clients’ business ideas into a practical reality. Our goal for each deal is to get it done in a timely, efficient manner with minimal risk to our client. We work with both sellers and buyers to evaluate the opportunity presented by the proposed transaction. The firm’s attorneys can advise their clients of both the legal and practical implications of a proposed deal.

We assist our clients in negotiating asset or stock purchase agreement that reflect the underlying business needs of the client. The attorneys at Stone & Baxter know how to advocate for their clients’ position while maintaining a good working relationship with the other parties to the transactions. We work with our clients and the other parties to envision creative solutions to hotly contested issues, all with the goal of making the deal work while preserving intact the client’s strategic business reasons for doing the deal in the first place.

At Stone & Baxter, we work to be flexible to meet our clients’ business method. Our attorneys have both assisted our clients in negotiating a letter of intent and have taken a signed letter of intent or a handshake agreement and turned it into a done deal.

We advise our clients on how to comply with applicable law, and work to minimize any legal or operational risk to our clients. We conduct due diligence examinations as necessary and appropriate, focusing on utilizing the due diligence process as an opportunity to better understand and define the transaction, and minimize risk to our clients.

We work with the client and the other party or parties to the deal to push to closing in a timely and efficient manner and work to eliminate hurdles hindering the deal. In short, we work for and with our clients to minimize risks while maximizing the client’s goals.

Representative Clients

  • Successfully negotiated and closed on behalf of a forestry client a $13 million sale of assets of two manufacturing businesses which produce unfinished and prefinished solid wood flooring and wood flour in the United States and internationally.
  • Represented client in a $15.8 million sale of a manufacturing and distribution business of high quality pet food and treats.
  • Assisted purchaser in acquisition of several companies providing nation-wide cleaning and staffing services for commercial, retail, industrial, municipal and hospitality entities.
  • Represented client in the $2.2 million asset purchase of a business which designs and manufactures motor coaches and recreational vehicles.
  • Represented client in the $1 million sale of a golf course property located in coastal Georgia.
  • Represented client in $7 million stock purchase of corporation owning and operating multiple convenience stores/gas stations in Georgia.

Practice Groups