Mergers & Acquisitions

Stone & Baxter has decades of combined experience closing transactions of all types, with an emphasis on traditional mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business combinations, whether as asset sales or stock sales, and with or without seller or third-party financing.

Routinely, we assist clients with all of the stages of planning, negotiating, documenting, and closing a transaction, including:

  • Term sheets and letters of intent
  • Loan commitments
  • Transaction documents
  • Entity formation
  • Due diligence
  • Opinion letters
  • Tax planning
  • Closing and related deliverables
  • Post-closing activities

Like Stone & Baxter, most reputable transaction practices employ a standard process and standard forms for closing most business transactions. On the one hand, that permits new clients to benefit from lessons learned from prior transactions. On the other hand, that permits clients to save money because the attorney is not “reinventing the wheel” with each transaction.

However, a good transactional attorney will tell you that each deal can present its own set of issues, challenges, obstacles, and last minute surprises, even when the overwhelming majority of the  considerations are accounted for up-front. Additionally, each deal presents different business persons and attorneys and, thus, different personalities on the other side.

In short, even the best deals can be fragile, volatile, unpredictable, risky, and subject to the whims of competing parties. In that regard, some of Stone & Baxter’s best work occurs when we’re interacting and negotiating with the other side, adapting on the fly to the unexpected, and employing creative solutions, even at the closing table, to get a deal done.

We work for and with our clients to minimize risks while maximizing their business opportunities.

Representative Clients

  • A forestry client in a $13 million sale of two international wood flooring manufacturing businesses.
  • A pet food company in a $15.8 million sale of a manufacturer and distributor of high quality pet food and treats.
  • Multiple acquisitions for various national cleaning and staffing companies in the commercial, retail, industrial, municipal, and hospitality markets.
  • A motor coach and recreational vehicle manufacturer in a $2.2 million sale of its assets.
  • A Georgia golf course in a $1 million sale of it coastal golf course property.
  • A business in a $7 million stock purchase of an entity that owned and operated multiple convenience stores/gas stations in Georgia.

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