Trust & Estate Litigation

Disputes often arise in the administration of trusts and estates. Often, those disputes are simple, and require nothing more than informed counsel or guidance throughout the process. Other times, disputes involve heated contests between competing heirs or disputes with hostile creditors.

Our Litigation Approach

Stone & Baxter will review each dispute to determine the appropriate strategy to best protect our clients’ interests, including a cordial and business-like approach in disputes where experienced guidance is sufficient or aggressively defending our clients’ interests in estate property or protecting trust assets.

Transaction-Minded Trial Lawyers

Proficiency in trust and estate litigation is a natural hallmark of our practice, as our estate attorneys not only understand this area substantively and from the vantage point of transaction planning, but they are also sophisticated commercial trial lawyers. Unlike many transaction-oriented estate planning firms, Stone & Baxter is as comfortable engaging in estate planning and the like as it is litigating trusts and estates disputes.

Looking Out for Insolvency Issues

As an added bonus, Stone & Baxter’s knowledge of insolvency and bankruptcy law is unrivaled in Georgia. As any good estate lawyer will tell you, those are two areas that will challenge even the best of estate plans or trust constructs and which demand significant, proactive attention on the front-end. Further, that knowledge can be essential when insolvency-related litigation aims to defeat a trust or estate plan after-the-fact.

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