Secured Transactions

At Stone & Baxter, we represent lenders and borrowers in asset-based loans that are commonly employed to fund working capital or finance acquisitions. Typically, these loans are secured by some or all of a borrower’s assets (e.g., accounts receivables, real estate, inventory, equipment, etc.). Generally, the availability and amount of the loan is driven by the quality and value of the underlying assets.

Whether representing the borrower or the lender, we focus on making sure that our client is protected by the affirmative and negative loan covenants. We advise our clients on the advantages, disadvantages, and likely implications of those proposed covenants and help negotiate those provisions in a manner that meets their needs and protects their interests. Finally, we assist our clients with necessary due diligence, structuring the details of the transaction, and preparing and negotiating the final form of the transaction documents.

See also our Commercial Real Estate Practice Group for more information about loans backed by real estate.

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