Wealth Protection & Estate Planning

As a smaller boutique firm focused on advising businesses, with an emphasis on reorganization and restructuring, Stone & Baxter is uniquely positioned to assist individuals and businesses in structuring estates, trusts, and other asset protection vehicles to protect against down-turns in the economy, to facilitate the transition of business assets to the next generation, and to provide overall wealth protection and preservation.

We work with clients of all sizes in all types of business planning matters for the full life cycle of the business, from advising the initial incorporation and start-up; to counseling a business on its day-to-day affairs; to succession planning, especially in closely-held family businesses; to business restructuring and rehabilitation; and, finally, to business wind down, dissolution, and/or liquidation, as necessary.

In conjunction with such business counseling, Stone & Baxter offers a wide range of wealth protection and preservation products.  After gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ individual and business needs, through an analysis of each client’s assets, family dynamics, and business arrangements, we can provide our clients as close to a road map of their financial future as is possible in an always uncertain and unpredictable economy and business environment.

No professional can guarantee the preservation of wealth, assets, and the like, but decades of experience advising businesses and their wealthy owners position Stone & Baxter to maximize each client’s wealth protection and preservation options while minimizing each client’s transaction costs, tax liabilities, and litigation risks.


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