Trust & Estate Litigation

Disputes often arise through the estate and trust administration process. Often times these disputes are simple and require nothing more than informed counsel or guidance through the process. Other times, these disputes can become intense, heated battles between heirs contesting an estate or hostile creditors attempting to pierce a trust. Stone & Baxter will analysis each dispute to determine the appropriate strategy to protect our client’s interest, whether invoking soft approach to guide the client through the administration process or aggressively and vigorously defending our client’s interest in estate property or protecting trust assets.

The attorneys at Stone & Baxter are acutely aware of and attuned to handle the difficulties of trust and estate litigation. Whether its family members disputing sensitive issues or zealous creditors aggressively pursuing a debtor’s assets, the attorneys at Stone & Baxter are familiar with the unique characteristics involved in this particular type of litigation, and work closely with its clients to manage the personalities and nuances involved on a day to day basis. Stone & Baxter is uniquely equipped to handle trust and estate litigation, as each of our trust and estate attorneys routinely handles litigation matters. At Stone & Baxter, unlike most other firms, the trust and estate attorneys do not hand off the trust and estate litigation to litigators with little to no knowledge of estate and trust matters. Stone & Baxter’s attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers with many years and experience in the courts and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the substantive law and unique procedures applicable to probate and trust disputes.

Stone & Baxter handles estate and trust disputes in an efficient manner to ensure that the settlor’s or decedent’s intentions are honored and enforced in the proper manner.

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